110kV Cable Design Review

Tesla was engaged to review a design for a new urban 110kV cable between two substations.   The cable route design and all other aspects of the cable system design were carried out by others.

Particulars of the design and sites were reviewed in detail, and calculations were performed with reference to published Cigre and IEC industry guidelines and standards, and measurements published in JiCable proceedings.

The review noted that while the proposed spacing between cable cleats was suitable, the proposed cable cleats types at each end were not considered adequate for all of the calculated forces. An alternative cleat was suggested.

Extension methods from the main rigid cable into ducted section at each end were considered acceptable. Forces at the cable terminations were also calculated.

This review provided our client with an independent assurance of their design which is important for network and safety critical components of this nature. For further information contact David Spackman: david.spackman@tesla.co.nz

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