About Tesla Consultants

Tesla has New Zealand’s leading team of power system engineers; in terms of both experience and depth of knowledge.

Our team combines technical knowledge from several engineering areas (heavy electrical, civil & Structural, switchyards, protection, control, telecommunications, power systems and computer modelling) with proven organisational and management expertise.

Our depth of service derives from many decades of experience in the electric power industry. We serve both small and large organisations in the fields of electric power generation, transmission & distribution and enjoy the role of “consultant of choice” to a number of these organisations.

Tesla is a recognised leader in the New Zealand Electric Power Industry.

Our Mission:

To provide high quality specialist engineering consultancy and related services to the electric power transmission, distribution and generation industry. To be the consultant of choice for our clients, while providing a rewarding and supportive environment for our staff.

Our Values:

Integrity, reliability, responsibility and quality are the cornerstones of our business and these attributes are at the forefront of our engineering and business activities.

From us, our clients can expect to receive sound, practical engineering solutions that achieve the required outcomes.  Whether these are for services as an outstanding provider of engineering deliverables, or as a business adviser in the areas of technical policy, developmental or operations support, the Tesla focus remains one of providing quality services.

Our Environmental Policy:

Tesla offers a range of specialist engineering services to the New Zealand Electricity Supply Industry. We specialise in the fields of protection, transmission, distribution, generation, Civil & Structural,  telecommunications, and control systems.

We recognise that our industry has the potential to lead initiatives that will have increasing positive effects on the natural environment.

Tesla commits to working towards a sustainable future for the long-term benefit of our communities, our clients, and our shareholders. We will do this by ensuring an environmentally responsible workplace and by identifying and developing environmentally sustainable engineering solutions.

Our Environmental Objectives include:

  • To monitor targets for energy, water, and waste reduction in our offices,
  • To champion environmental and sustainability initiatives that reduce our environmental impact; encouraging others in our communities and sharing what we learn along the way,
  • To support positive environmental changes throughout the New Zealand Electricity Supply Industry,
  • To create a company culture of environmental awareness and sustainability.