The History Of Tesla Consultants

Starting out as a consultant in 1993, Grant Thorburn provided engineering services to The Electricity Corporation of New Zealand Northern Hydro Group, trading as Grant Thorburn Consultants and undertaking mainly small investigations. 

In 1994 Richard Moore joined Grant in a new engineering consultancy partnership, that in 1995 grew to include several more, highly experienced engineering staff, establishing Tesla Consultants Limited. During its earlier years Tesla was primarily carrying out substation and protection design and relay settings for the New Zealand national grid company (Transpower) on their 220 kV and 110 kV networks. 

As well as heading Tesla Consultants, Grant was elected to the Hamilton City Council in 1998. Described as having “vast intellectual capacity”, it was a sad loss to both Tesla Consultants and the City Council when Grant passed away suddenly in 2003.

Our company, established on the unique principles of staff ownership and team management has grown steadily, first under the grounding guidance of Grant, then from 2003, under the inspirational leadership of Richard Moore. In 2016 we faced the tragic accidental death of Richard. Over 300 friends and associates gathered in Hamilton then to honour Richard, his contribution to life and the contribution he made to our industry. Recognised were his abilities of having detailed engineering knowledge, his confidence, charisma and clarity of thought to hold discussions with anyone, anywhere and quietly getting what was needed done. 

It is the legacy of these two much respected men that the little company of 1995 has gone from strength to strength, and our team is now over 50 in number and a respected influencing factor in the New Zealand electrical industry. 

Tesla now has staff located in offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch and provides wide ranging services to multiple sectors of the power industry. 

The Company remains 100% employee owned and we are particularly proud of the quality of our work and the high levels of value added service we provide to our clients. 

Tesla Consultants remains dedicated to ensuring the continuance and development of our company along the lines first set out by Grant and Richard. Refined over the years to what it is today, Tesla will remain a driving force in specialist engineering for many years to come, offering leading services throughout the industry.

Grant Thorburn, Managing Director 1993-2003
Grant Thorburn, Managing Director 1993-2003
Richard Moore, Managing Director 2003 - 2016
Richard Moore, Managing Director 2003 - 2016

Nikola Tesla

Tesla Consultants was named in honour of the Serbian/American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

Although he held more than 700 patents, Nikola Tesla is sometimes referred to as the forgotten genius of the twentieth century.  The SI unit for magnetic flux density is named after him.

He is best known as the inventor of the induction motor utilising the rotating magnetic field and the AC polyphase power transmission/distribution system, but his inventions also included:

  • Radio (a US Supreme Court decision overruled a Marconi patent and awarded it to Tesla)
  • Florescent and neon lighting
  • The bladeless turbine
  • Radio imaging (the precursor to radar)
  • Tesla coil (used to produce high voltage, low current, high frequency AC electricity)

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