Value Engineering

Value engineering is an important skill that involves the application of engineering common sense, technical knowledge, and lengthy experience, all directed at finding and eliminating unnecessary costs within a project. 

Delivering Value

There is always conflict between short term expediency and the development of quality design that will generate lowest long-term costs.  Tesla engineers regularly identify the results of inadequate decision making by others in the past, creating high costs today.

The key to making a difference is Tesla’s ability to ‘stand back’ and consider the fundamentals of the problem; what is the function our client wants?  What must it do (basic functions)? What are the non-basic features worth?  What does it cost?  What are the implications for possible future developments?

Consideration at the planning and conceptual design stage provides the greatest potential opportunities for reductions in total life cycle costs. Tesla brings a high level of technical expertise to every job to ensure that innovative but safe options are explored with our client and the final design is optimised for performance with least long-term cost.