Analysing Options for a Network Change

Tesla was engaged to carry out a study of two options associated with the decommissioning of a substation and reconnecting lines past the site.
The options to be considered were a hard Tee connection (removing a redundant portion of the lines) or an in-and-out line connection (retaining a portion of the lines up to the substation being decommissioned). The impact of each of these alternatives required study across nearby network connected sites, assessing infeed capacity at each end, and coordinating with existing bus protection systems.

Line impedances for each option were verified and models updated. Communication paths needed for the required protection services were assessed and confirmed against available services. Adequate separation of the proposed communications paths for appropriate redundancy was checked.

The output from the engagement was a report setting out for each population what specific additional protection checks would be needed, and defining the setting changes that would be needed to maintain the client’s network standards.

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