Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2021

A small but enthusiastic team of Tesla staff took part in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge 2021, run over February 2012 on the Love To Ride web platform.

Our Tesla team gained 255th place in our class with a total of 1,892 points, which was creditable for a social group, considering we were competing in the 50 – 199 company staff numbers section, with just 50 staff available.

Our congratulations go to the overall winner Christchurch City Council, and winner in our class, Pattle Delamore Partners.

Activities of this nature are a fun way to get fit, with an element of competitiveness between members of the team, challenging each other to “get out there and ride” in all weathers. Overall the challenge involved 2,404 New Zealand workplaces and 24,718 riders, traveling a collective 4,410,895km during the month.

The overall results

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