Christchurch Team Fun

Tesla’s Christchurch team had an afternoon out at the Bexley Reserve in late February.  The activities for the day were blo-karting, drift karting, and “human foosball”.

It was a great day for all, with some unique challenges in each activity.  The strong and blustery wind made blo-karting rather tricky – a sail setting that would just get you around a corner in lighter wind could risk tipping you over in a heavy gust.  And although it was simple to get the drift karts to drift around corners, the real difficulty was to stop them drifting before you spin out!  The human foosball showcased some fancy footwork, and sneaky tackles, and one or two goals for good measure.

The day ended with all blo-karts suitably un-tipped, with competitive natures satisfied, and with pizza and cold drinks that were very welcome in the 30 degree heat.

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