Detailed modelling studies for Prospective Solar Farms

There has been a dramatic up-surge recently of clients requesting detailed modelling studies for prospective solar farm developments.

As these studies are needed at a very early stage in the consideration of a development, most engagements of this nature are covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements.  These prevent Tesla from publishing any specific details of the project, and from answering questions put by the next client on our relevant experience in this area.

The studies generally include modelling load flow and voltage profiles at different load factor situations, plus modelling harmonic distortion and fault conditions. Earthing testing and design is often included also.

Recent reviews completed, under way, or at proposal stage include Distribution connected farms in the range 10 – 20MW and Grid connected farms up to 80MW capacity.  Engagements come from a mix of Solar Developers, Equipment Vendors and connected Network Companies.

Tesla’s wide grid and sub-transmission experience puts us in an ideal position to provide this service, and we welcome approaches for future projects.

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