Tesla has extensive experience working in the Distribution sector of the industry.  Our experience covers Primary, Secondary, Protection and Control functions for large and small clients.

Our specialist skills for Distribution works include:

  • Arc flash protection review and design,
  • Development of incremental, implementation plans for network improvements,
  • Earthgrid design (including testing and modelling),
  • Equipment foundations and mounting stands,
  • High impedance neutral earthing,
  • Insulation coordination,
  • Lightning shielding,
  • Low voltage ac and dc systems,
  • Medium & High voltage cable design and analysis,
  • Network optimisation for SAIDI and SAIFI improvement,
  • Network-connected battery systems,
  • Outdoor to Indoor switchgear conversion,
  • Point of supply interface design and coordination,
  • Project planning and coordination,
  • Substation building development and changes,
  • Substation layout and buswork changes,
  • Switchboard replacement and expansion,
  • Transformer replacement,
  • Windfarm and Solar interconnection design and coordination.


We operate an array of commercial and internally developed software tools to provide efficient and high-quality outcomes based on our extensive experience in the New Zealand market.


Our highly skilled Protection, Control, Civil & Structural and Comms teams provide specialist input for all Distribution projects