Draughting Services

Tesla has a large draughting team spread across our offices, whose primary role is to support our Design Engineers, but are also available for direct client engagements.

The majority of our outdoor design draughting, and much of our indoor draughting is carried out with 3D tools.  This enables clear presentation of alignments and clearances, and is especially useful when working in extensive structures covering a wide area.  Usually the area under design is shared between existing cabling, pipework, support framing, and multiple cable ladders all requiring close attention to detail.

When an existing structure or project area is to be modified, Tesla will often undertake a 3D Laser Scan.  This results in a significant saving over previous techniques of making many site measurements and marking up often very old, outdated drawings.  The scan data is then translated into a 3D model, allowing new items or changes to be designed to fit the site with absolute certainty of match.  Even a minor mis-alignment can result in significant construction issues and often project delays.

This scanning technique has also been used on internal structures such as switchboard interiors when the original equipment supplier was unable to provide parts needed for an expansion, so they must be designed from scratch.

Using their years of knowledge and experience, our design draughtspersons can take high level conceptual designs prepared by engineers and develop the detail required for a project included all required 3D and 2D circuit diagrams and layouts. 

The Tesla draughting team has a strong quality focus and individuals carry out a self check on their own drawings before passing it back to the engineer for their engineering check.  Both of these activities take place before the drawings go to a competent senior engineer independent of the design team for the internal QA review.

Tesla is conscious of the need for accurate As-Building of drawings and places a high priority on getting these completed promptly once a request is received.

All our draughting team are skilled at operating the AutoDesk suite of products, including; Revit, Inventor, Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Navis Works, Raster Design, and Recap Pro. Tesla runs a significantly customised AutoCAD system that uses the AutoCAD scripting language, LISP. These scripts, along with other custom in-house tools, allow our draughting team to populate a set of design drawings from circuit design templates very quickly and without error.