While elements of the Generation market overlap our Distribution and Transmission skills (for example; switchyards, switchboards, High & Medium voltage cables and earthing), Tesla has a team of engineers who are very familiar with the special aspects needing focus in this area. This includes Hydro, Thermal and Geothermal generating sites.

Our specialist skills for Generation works include:

  • Arc-flash protection,
  • Automation and remote control of generators, hydraulic structures and station services,
  • Civil and structural analysis of sites under modification,
  • Diesel generator backups for auxiliary supplies,
  • Excitation systems,
  • Hydro gate control, telemetry and electrical services,
  • Generator and station protection,
  • Generator control and PLC design/logic,
  • Geothermal borefield monitoring and control,
  • Low voltage ac and dc systems,
  • Transformer and circuit breaker replacement,
  • Windfarm and network-connected solar implementations.

Our highly skilled Protection, Control, Civil & Structural and Comms teams provide specialist input for all Generation projects.