Green Energy

The New Zealand Electricity Industry is rapidly adapting itself to a more environmentally-friendly model.  The move toward this Green Energy focus involves a step change for all aspects of our Nation. 

Tesla specialist engineers have robust experience in the many of aspects that are changing through this Green direction.  These include: 
  • Working with developers of Solar Farms and Wind Farms, carrying out the required complex studies needed for feasibility analysis,
  • Designing primary, secondary, earthing and protection aspects of Grid and Distribution connected generation farms,
  • Scoping and design of complex anti-islanding schemes that are often required for new connections.

To carry out these projects, our team draws upon unique long-standing experience in:

  • The complex area of Grid and Sub-Transmission modelling required for Wind / Solar / Battery inputs,
  • Extensive experience with all aspects of Geothermal Generation sites, small and large,
  • Extensive experience with all aspects of Hydro Generation sites,
  • Detailed understanding of the needs of wide-area earthing testing and studies required for Solar and Wind sites with their large site areas,
  • Sound experience designing and reviewing control and protection requirements for Network-Connected Battery installations
  • Lengthy experience in the reviewing of safety critical elements and functional safety for a very wide range of installation types.

Tesla’s Green Energy experience spreads across our Protection, Generation, Substations, Control, Civil & Structural, Functional Safety, and Comms teams.