Hazardous Areas

- Fire and Gas

Tesla Consultants have a proven track record built up over a number of years, of providing engineering, design, project management, project controls, and construction management in the area of hazardous area installations.  

This specialisation covers electrical and instrumentation designs on gas detection systems (flammable and toxic gases), fire detection systems (heat and IR) for process areas and integration of fire and gas systems with site control systems and SCADA.  It also includes the specification and design of new primary electrical plant and motors within hazardous areas.

Where specific specialist fire engineer certification and modelling is required, we have collaboration agreements with qualified resources to design fire detection (including very early smoke detection systems) and fire protection systems for buildings and key items of plant including generators and main switchboards.


Tesla’s engineers have extensive experience around the installation of transformers and can advise on passive fire protection measure such as the type of oil, fire walls, separation distances, use of substation gravel and the inclusion of fire traps all to help mitigate the risks of fire spread in the unlikely event that something might go wrong.



Tesla performs independent safety critical element (SCE) verification of a range of processes including fire and gas detection systems for major hazard facilities (MHF).