HV & MV Cables

Tesla offers design services for MV, HV and EHV power cables

Services provided include:

  • Cable pulling tension and installation feasibility assessment,
  • Cable rating reviews at cable crossings, cyclic ratings and emergency thermal ratings,
  • Distributed temperature sensing system specification, site testing and commissioning,
  • Finite element analysis of transient and steady state heat transfer to model various power cable installation designs,
  • Induced voltage calculations,
  • Magnetic field calculation.
  • Overseeing and review of site works and commissioning for cable projects,
  • Review of thermal constraints on existing cables to determine actual emergency load rating,
  • Sheath bonding system review and design,
  • Thermomechanical force calculation and design.

Tesla uses Quickfield finite element analysis with a suite of internally developed tools to build thermal models of complex cable installation environments.