Tesla has a highly skilled team of engineers working in the Transmission area of our industry. Our extensive experience covers the full breadth of Primary, Secondary, Protection and Control functions. 

Our specialist skills for Transmission works include:

  • Arc flash protection
  • Circuit breaker and current transformer replacement,
  • Earth grid design (including testing and modelling),
  • Equipment foundations and mounting stands,
  • Insulation coordination,
  • Lightning shielding,
  • Low voltage ac and dc systems,
  • Medium/High voltage cable,
  • Network-connected battery systems,
  • Point of supply interface,
  • Project planning
  • Substation buildings
  • Switchboard, replacements
  • Switchyard layout and buswork changes,
  • Transformer replacement.

Our industry-leading Protection, Control, Civil &
Structural and Comms teams provide specialist input for all Transmission projects.