Switchyard 3D Design

Our High Voltage switchyard design is mostly carried out with 3D draughting tools now. These walk-throughs make it easier to visualise a design with a genuine feel of the size, structure and layout.
Producing the overall design in 3D allows us to generate multiple views for design of individual components from this one model, which means that should the model be amended, all other multiple drawing views are simultaneously updated. This is a significant cost saving overall, and an assurance that final construction will not be impacted by changes made in another area during the design programme.
The power of 3D allows also us to create clearance fields around equipment for assurance of all safety requirements. We are also able to use a special tool from these, which creates rolling spheres to visualise and assure of lighting protection coverage.
Presentation views from critical angles such as roadways or neighbouring properties is also often used during the resource consent application process

A typical high voltage switchyard walk-through

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